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Tiny Bubbles

a little bit of everything all rolled into one

'Speidi' banned from E! as network won't show 'self-promoting' by Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag-Pratt

A little good news for your day!

Maybe we can thank Chelsea Handler for this, since she recently started referring to them (so fondly) as Herpe Simplex 1 (Spencer) and Herpe Simplex 2 (Heidi).


It's the typos that make it good

Trivial Pursuit

Just a few random questions to test your general knowledge.

If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.


10 Ways to Feel Happier Instantly

Smile. Fake happiness always ends up feeling a little like the real thing
Have a cookie before noon or a drink before 5pm...you rebel you.
Resist the $250 shoes, third doughnut, picking the same old fight.

Sometimes happiness is about what you don't do.
Think back one more time to heroic Sully landing that plane gently and flawlessly over the Hudson
Facebook stalk the unattainable guys you had crushes on at 15.
Half are fat or balding guaranteed!
Do an unpleasant thing you could put off forever but finish in a minute.
Keyboard cleaning, yes!
make your next pedicure something fun like OPI's Party In My Cabana pink
Close your eyes and relive your most magical kiss ever.
Try the tree pose. Tough to worry about anything but keeling over right?



June 2009